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Easy step-by-step guide to get you started with SIO2. In this section you will get an overview of the SDK
and learn how to create a simple
3D app using SIO2 and its
development toolchain.

Real game tutorials, demos, and API documentation will help you quickly
grasp the essence of SIO2
development skills and
apply it in your own
game development.

Ask questions, solve problems, and exchange ideas with thousands of other active SIO2 developers on
our forum.

Welcome to sio2interactive.com, the official developer of the SIO2 Engine!

What is the SIO2 Engine? SIO2 is an OpenGLES based cross-platform 2D and 3D game engine for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows which provides you all the modern game engine functionalities built-in right at its core for your mobile devices at a fraction of the regular industry price for the same type of quality. The engine also allows you to port your game on the Mac Store and on Windows.

Feature rich, extremely fast, and flexible, SIO2 allows you to create state of the art AAA games for your favorite mobile platform. Unlike other solutions, SIO2 does not force you to use any specific IDE to code or build your games.
SIO2 uses existing industry proven development and content creation tools to allow you to create your game and gives you access to all the source code of the framework so you can customize every piece of the engine as you see fit!

SIO2 allows you to entirely built your games using a very easy-to-use cross-platform C/C++ syntax and also provides you scripting support using LUA. Basically, SIO2 is THE game engine for technical people that want to create real intellectual properties around their game creations without being bound to any other 3rd party solution limitations, lack of optimization or even their bugs.

With the SIO2 framework you have all the freedom and flexibility to build whatever type of game you want and can have access and full control of EVERY bit and piece of code that resides at the core of the engine, giving you maximum optimization, flexibility, and scalability compared to all other solutions out there!

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