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Discover what is under the hood of SIO2 and how it extract the most out of OpenGL ES and the Imagination Technology chipsets.
Platforms & Arch.
Entirely built using standard C and C++ SIO2 deliver an unseen before state of the art portable game engine for your mobile device.
SIO2 doesn't force you to learn over again what you already know by imposing you to use a specific IDE. SIO2 uses the power of existing 3D modeling software to let you export your scenes and assets.
Scene Management
Learn more about the scene management system of SIO2 and how easy you can create state of the art games with all the flexibility and scalability that you require!
Powered by Bullet physic, SIO2 handle Newtonian physic in a very flexible way that doesn't involve using any extra programming layer built on top of the physic engine, but that allows you to access directly the Bullet physic API.
Powered by Recast and Detour, SIO2 provide you an easy to use interface to handle navigation mesh construction to use in realtime for pathfinding and spatial reasoning.

SIO2 is using LUA the fastest and most flexible scripting language. All SIO2 API are available from within the LUA interface and the flexibility of the SIO2 scripting system also allow you to create and integrate your own module using SWIG.

Audio & Video
Built on top of OpenAL the SIO2 sound system natively support the OGG format for sound. For video the native format use by SIO2 is OGV and is use to deliver realtime video playback fullscreen or by directly to texture.
Shaders & Effects
SIO2 offers you the opportunity to create multiple 2D and 3D effects. In this section learn more about SIO2 very own CPU based vertex shaders, framebuffer interface, stencil buffer emulation, render to texture functionalities as well as particle system billboarding , halo and lens flares effects.
Dynamic or predefined path, keyframe animation or bone animation; SIO2 support them all find out in this section what drives the complex animation system of SIO2.
Lighting & Shadow
Get more information about the different lighting and shadowing method supported by SIO2. Get more information in this section about the online and offline methods that you can use with SIO2.
SIO2 provide a thin layer that interface TCP/IP and WWW functionalities. Using the SIO2 TCP interface you can create your own multiplayer functionalities or download any type of assets from your web server.

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