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SIO2 Developer Registration

First register by filling the SIO2 Developer Registration form, please take note that the Developer registration and the Forum registration are separated for question of security.

Validate your SIO2 Developer Account by email, and click the link that have been sent to you in order to start your SIO2 Engine and SDK Trial.

Once the registration process is completed, you can then login and gain access to your SIO2 Developer Control Panel where you can download the SIO2 Engine SDK Trial, gain access to the SIO2 API Documentation.

SIO2 Engine Trial & SDK Trial

After downloading the SIO2 Engine SDK Trial simply decompress the content of the ZIP into a location on your computer where you have read and write access.

You can now evaluate SIO2 Engine, study the tutorials, compile them and run them on your device(s) to analyze the performances, coding style as well as the development toolchain provided with the SDK etc...

It is now time to get familiar with the SIO2 Engine!, browse our website to find all the information that you need to get you started, learn more about the SDK and the engine or post on the forum to ask help from the community.

In addition make sure that you are connected at all time on the internet while using the SIO2 Engine for authentication purposes.
SIO2 Certified Developer

Once your SIO2 Engine SDK Trial Version is over, if you want to continue using the SIO2 Engine and gain access to the full set of features provided by SIO2 for your games and applications, you simply have to upgrade your account to SIO2 Certified Developer, this certification gives you many benefits over the Trial Version, for more information please refer to the License Comparaison diagram below.

To upgrade your SIO2 Developer Account from Trial to Certified Developer, simply follow the instructions in the SIO2 Certified Developer box located on this page.

Please take note that sio2interactive.com offers SIO2 Developer Certification on a per seat, per platform basis, and also give you the opportunity to gain access to the SIO2 Source Code, only after your account have been upgraded to SIO2 Certified Developer.
Legal Agreement to get access to the SIO2 Engine Source Code

In order to upgrade your account type from SIO2 Certified Developer to SIO2 Licensed Developer and gain access to the SIO2 Engine Source code, you will first have to download our SIO2 Licensed Developer Registration Form, read it carefully and follow the instructions inside the document to be able to upgrade your SIO2 Developer account.

We will then contact you with further information about the status of your SIO2 Licensed Developer application and upon approval we will send you by email the necessary steps of payment in order for us to upgrade your account.
SIO2 Licensed Developer

Once your SIO2 Licensed Developer payment have been received and processed, we will automatically upgrade your SIO2 Certified Developer account to SIO2 Licensed Developer account!

You can then instantly gain access from within your SIO2 Developer Control Panel to download the SIO2 Engine Source Code and Debug Symbols for your targeted platform and compiler.

Features SIO2 Trial Version SIO2 Certified Developer SIO2 Licensed Developer
SIO2 SDK + Engine + External Libraries
SIO2 SDK Basic Tutorials & Templates
SIO2 SDK Documentation
SIO2 SDK Basic Tools
SIO2 Maya Exporter (MacOS and Windows)
SIO2 Max Exporter (Windows)
SIO2 Blender v2.49b Exporter (MacOS and Windows)
SIO2 Blender v2.5x Exporter (MacOS and Windows)
SIO2 iDevice Simulator for Windows
SIO2 Triangle Strips Optimizer  
SIO2 Live Plugin  
Unlimited Amount of Builds  
Unlimited Amount of Game Titles  
No splash screen or advertisement  
SIO2 API Technical Support  
SIO2 OpenGL ES Profiler    
SIO2 OpenAL Profiler    
SIO2 Source Code    
SIO2 Debug Symbols    

Please take note except for the SIO2 SDK Trial all features availability are based on a per seat per platform basis.

1. Select your SIO2 base product. Price
SIO2 SDK Trial Version Free
SIO2 Developer Certification
      Certification for iOS 399.99$
      Certification for MacOS 199.99$
      Certification for Android 399.99$
      Certification for Windows 199.99$
Total: Free
2. SIO2 Developer Account Information Confirmation.
I confirm that the information associated to my SIO2 Developer Account is accurate and up to date.

Please take note that upon successful transaction, you will be updated about your current SIO2 Developer Account status. Every communication will be effectuated by email using the same email address you use to register your SIO2 Developer Account. Please take note that depending on our current workload it can take up to five working days before we get back to you and activate your SIO2 Certified Developer account. If you have questions or want more information please do no hesitate to contact us.
Solution Graphics

Optional Certification for SIO2 Certified Developers.
SIO2 Licensed Developer Certification + SIO2 Source Code + Debug Symbols + Extra Tools

In order for you and your team to become an Official SIO2 Licensed Developer and gain access to the SIO2 Source Code please send us an email at info@sio2interactive.com. We will then send you detailed instructions about the necessary requirements and how to proceed in order to upgrade the SIO2 Certified Developer Certifications of your team to become Licensed Developers. Please take note that this optional Certification apply only to company(ies) or team(s) with multiple SIO2 Certified Developers and not for individual developers.

Please take note that you cannot purchase Licensed Developer Certification(s) if you and your team are not Certified Developer(s) first. In addition, being Certified Developer(s) does not guarantee that you and your team can become a Licensed Developer(s), and your request might be denied for various reasons at sio2interactive.com's sole discretion.
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